Multitude Films is an independent production company dedicated to nonfiction storytelling. We produce documentaries by and about underrepresented voices and are committed to a representational storytelling model, where the core creative team behind a film has a stake in the communities that will be most impacted by the story.     

Multitude tells stories that shape issues and runs productions to shape the industry. We produce, executive produce, and consult on nonfiction features, shorts, and series; and prioritize diversity and equity both on screen and behind the camera. We aim to offer a production pipeline that fills the gap between mentorship and the market.

The majority of our slate is directed by emerging voices – filmmakers within the first three features of their career – because we’re committed to ensuring that this generation of storytellers represents the world we live in, so that stories on screen truly represent the complexity of the lives we live.

We’re one of few production companies that integrates a social change orientation and impact strategy from the earliest stages of our involvement in a project, and have built our slate around core issue areas allowing us to engage partners over time and build impact cumulatively - since individual films are never silver bullet solutions. Our slate concentrates on some of the most pressing issues of our time from racial terror and LGBTQ dignity to Islamophobia, gender-based violence, and immigration. We’re as committed to artistry as we are to impact; and aim to leverage critical and commercial success toward social and political change.